About Ancient Mana & Lana

Where on earth have you landed ?

Well, this is my gaming blog where I write very casually about Final Fantasy – A realm reborn and World of Warcraft. You could actually call this a diary more then anything else. Or a scrapbook stuffed with images from my gaming adventures.

Sometimes I write about other things like multiplayer games or vent about real life issues I might be having. Ranting or just sharing helps me get some more insight. It helps me look at issues from other perspectives. Which leads me to be able to move on and/or deal with my problems.

Who am I?

My name is Tine, but people I play with call me Lana. If you have dropped by before on one of my previous blogs – you might have known me as Missy’s Mojo, that was my starter blogging identity but I wanted a change.

I am *bleep* years old, and I have blogged for a few years now, mostly just cause I enjoy having this extra hobby to dig into once in a while.


Why Ancient Mana?

Ancient Mana was a name suggested to me by Sam, my Guild Leader in WoW. Whom I now call my bestfriend and partner in crime. I fell in love with the name straight away. It has a hint to WoW, which have always been my go to game. But the name does not bind me to WoW so I can write about any game related things I want. Thank goodness, because I now feel I have a different go to game, FFXIV, as I have started to tire a bit with WoW after Legion came.

What to expect?

My writing style is simple, I write what I think, what I have done in the games I play and my impressions about it. I don’t do guides, it’s too much work and it does not interest me, after all the blog is more for me then anyone else. As I mentioned, the blog is more like a diary, it’s the only way I know how to write and I kinda like it anyways.

I usually play mmo’s for the most part, but I love other games too. Roleplaying games, horror games, sometimes I dip into some indie games. At the end of the day I am a sucker for the fantasy genre .

If there is anything, you can always give me a shout at Twitter . Can also poke me here on the contact page. Commenting would also be a way, but that’s obvious isn’t it 😀