First of February already ?

So what’s been going on with the Lana, Missy, Mojo – whatever you wanna call me 😛 ?

Well, uhm. I mentioned at the start of the year that I was going to up my days working from 2 to 3. And so I have.

We decided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Good news is, I have been at work 3 days a week since I started, ehm no I have not, I actually missed one day, BUT ONLY ONE!!! The “bad” news is that I haven’t managed to meet up more then one Monday. I’ve always called in sick, but I have made an appearance on Tuesdays instead.

I am not sure why Monday’s are so hard for me, I just don’t seem to be able to get out the door. So because of that I have decided to switch my day to Tuesday. That’s not the end of the world anyways. As I’ve said, I’ve managed to come almost every day, but I have noticed a change in my mood – I am more tired, obviously, which makes affects my moods a lot. I get irritated faster, more moodswings, I’ll cry a lot easier. With that I think I might have to go back down to two days.

Insert random picture cause I didn’t have one that suited the text 😛

Sort of a letdown but on the other hand, I’ve found out that I can do two days pretty much all the time now, so upping to three days sort of helped me when you look at it.

Last week I met up with the councilor and agreed to try 3 days a little bit more, just to see properly where my limits are, but she could easily see that I was drained as I ended up sitting there tearing up and crying on and off.

I had a new meeting today and I’ve told her how I feel, that while it’s a bit of a let down going back to 2 days, I feel a lot better with two, I am happy and proud of myself for making it two days and I think it’s best I stay there for a while untill I feel I can do three days properly. It’s important to me to be able to feel happy and good about the job and not push too hard and ruin that good feeling because I want working to be something I feel good about and not crap. If I don’t feel good about it I’m just gonna end up with a lot of sick days.

So here’s hoping my boss is okay with me coming 2 days, and that I am allowed with one flexi day, so I can atleast try three days those days I feel up for it.


Sooo… Sam had his surgery before Christmas, and we thought his recovery would be about one month. One month without his beloved PC and mmo’s. We were gonna rock FFXIV together and perhaps start raiding, getting a proper FC going and all that stuffs. But that’s not how it all ended up.

He is still recovering, it’s been 2 months and he still has an open wound on his back, taking it’s time to heal. With that he has not been able to play at all and I’ve been “stuck” gaming alone.

Yes, you should take whatever I post with a grain of salt because I am back in WoW. I didn’t feel like playing  FFXIV alone while Sam was sick, so I’ve been WoW’ing my ass off with my guild almost since the last post I posted and I haven’t really been keeping ya’ll updated cause I felt so stupid about saying I was done with the game, and yet I am back there.

A part of the reason I am WoW’ing is obviously because Sam cannot play with me. Other reasons are because our guild almost died. A lot of the raiders took a break or just vanished, while the socials up and left, understandably because there was not much going on since so many people vanished. Me and Sam are partly to blame for the guild almost dying because we weren’t there either, he as GuildLeader and I as one of the Officers.

Anyways, we took some drastic measures. First we tried a merger with a guild on our server, turned out that wasn’t a good one for us, our mindsets where totally different from the merger guild, and after one raid we saw very quickly that the merger was a bust.

After that at least our guild got a lot closer, those who were still there became more active, playing more, using discord more, teaming up more. And we only saw one way out to save our tiny guild from doom, that was a server transfer to Silvermoon. We did this in hopes of having an easier time to recruit then at Moonglade/The Sha’tar, which was basically a dry desert, with no hope for recruitment.

Our main goal was to get enought people to start a Mythic raiding guild, now, recruitment on Silvermoon ain’t easy either, while it’s a big server, there is also a lot of competition! Atleast we have gotten our tanks and healers, finally. It’s taking it’s time to get people, “Ranged dps, where are you?”. We only have about 14 -15 raiders on a good day, some of them, including me, not even properly geared yet.

But we have managed to clear Nighthold normal and killed 3 bosses on heroic, that with having to carry a few dps as well. So it ain’t all bad. I just think that dream some people have of mythics is far away, if even reachable with out guild. Only time will tell I guess.

Druid go Boom-Boom

Since we managed to get a duo of a tank and a healer, we ended up with a bit to many healers, and I decided – “Fuck it, I’ll just go dps” and thus the boomie was born. I haven’t played a boomkin before but, I guess that’s what I am “maining” at the moment. HOW LONG WILL THAT LAST ?!? !?!

I guess it’s kinda fun, at least in raids. I do find it annoying having to change talents so often, depending on bosses and trash etc. Didn’t really need to do that as a healer. We will see how long I last. At least I love my worgen, she’s a pretty cool lady, even with her seriously manly laugh.

I’ve been dabbling with some random battlegrounds which has been a laugh, even got her rank up to 25 or so, I kind of want to get it to 50 for prestige level for the artifact skin. Also heard you get mounts at certain levels, that’s going to be a grind though, but the daily PVP world quests help a fair deal.

Hunter go Pew-Pew

Also dabbling with my hunter that is pretty freshly dinged. Oni can play perhaps an hour a day standing up by his desk now, so I am playing my hunter while he is on his mage, which he is going to be using when he comes back properly.

We spent yesterday nuking our way through hordies in battleground, and we had a good time with that. Sam seems to be pretty good at his mage, although he just picked it up!

I’ve picked up both MM and BM artifact, seems MM got some better dps, but I actually enjoy the BM a lot more for some reason, even though people say it’s a bore and to simple, I really do enjoy the simplicity right now. Just spam your cooldowns and see your pet eat the mobs.

Anyways, time to game, Sam’s waiting.


The Miqo’te that can’t stop posing.

Why do I have such a sexist pose as my header for this post ? Ah who cares, I surely don’t, I think it’s funny.

So me and Sam tested out WoW again, to see if we could fall back into it again. I went on my paladin, because we needed a healer for our raids and paladin was the most interesting choice for me. It’s actually quite an enjoyable class and spec, the holydin. During the short time we went back, we did a lot of mythic +, I did mythic 7-8 comfortably but higher then that and it didn’t work very well. I don’t know if it was buffs or if it was just to hard in general, only tried one level +12 and that was with tyrannical and heal absorb, that turned out to be a real pain. Also tried raiding again and some random pvp.

Holy Paladin Draenei

I do enjoy the time grouping up with guildfriends and doing some content. But to be perfectly honest, I have just fallen completely out of love with this game. That is sad, but sometimes it’s time to just move on I guess. I am fine with that, might be harder for some other people I know to realise that the game isn’t for them anymore;) But that’s how it can go.

At the end of the day it’s about my own enjoyment and not others so. Totally understand that some people still really love this game and I am happy for those who do.


So I guess for me that means continuing my journey in FFXIV for a while, doing all the random things the game has to offer that I have  yet not seen. And a new patch will arrive shortly as well which is always exciting 😀 Not gonna go into details about it, cause there is a wonderful video woop!

I actually haven’t played since sometime before Christmas last year, because Sam couldn’t play due to some real life stuff, so it’s nice to be back into the game again.

I’ve dabbled a bit with the /gpose again, and found another option in the gpose, duuh, I am so slow. Turns out there is filters there as well (for keyboard it’s clicking the scroll button, for me anyways), perhaps not the best filters but it is a nice addition for people like me 😀

Heavensturn event, small areas in the cities has been decorated and it’s very beautiful at night. It’s a nice little event and you get these weird hats with a chocobo on it.

Oh, and I got the achievement for 300 commendations today, which means Falcor got a new hat, isn’t it adorable <3 Yeah I dabbled with the chocobo coloring as well during the short time me and Sam had a house 😀 My Falcor is snow white and rocking it.

Snowman still seems happy, even tho the snow is gone. Poor thing doesn’t even know he will be melting away soon. At least he have me to cover him from the sun. (Random, I know, I am missy random.)

So far I am working on leveling all the classes

Hows it looking?:

  • Paladin (Gladiator) – 60, first one I leveled up and I concider this the main when it comes to doing the main story quests, it just fits so well for me.
  • Astrologian – 60, for me is the most fun healer, it just has something extra.
  • Ninja (Thief) – 57, fallen in love with this job it’s by far the most fun damage dealer in my opinion and it feels very unique.
  • Dark Knight – 54
  • White Mage (Conjurer) – 52
  • Machinist – 46
  • Warrior (Marauder) – 36
  • Thaumaturge- 21
  • Archer – 21
  • Arcanist – 19
  • Pugilist – 15
  • Lancer – 6

I have also started to work a bit on the crafting jobs, but those are going to take a long time for me to finish, but I do find it quite enjoyable from time to time. It all depends on what kind of mood I am in.

But ey, it means I can have different outfits 😛 Crafting outfits on higher levels looks kinda neat.

Anyways, gotta run, hope all is well.



Is legion hollow?

About 6 weeks ago, I decided it was time to take a break from WoW. I was all leveled up, I had actually leveled three characters up to 110. I was raid ready, tried a few raids. I had opened up my 3rd relic slot, gotten revered with The Nightfallen and opened up those mythics and gotten my profession in order.

I started raiding, just a bit, normal then heroic. And I found myself to be a bit bored. I was goal-less. To play WoW I need to have goals to work towards, that is what keeps me interested. But at this time I didn’t feel I had anything to reach for. I would log on for the daily world quest, get my box opened up, only to find things I didn’t really need. I tried doing mythics and mythic +, all went well with that, but it felt sort of, what can I say? Like I was just repeating myself for little to no reward, in reward I don’t actually mean loot. I mean I didn’t feel I gained anything from it, like fun. It was just rinse and repeat and I didn’t actually enjoy it. First doing a dungeon normally, then heroic, then mythic. Yeah that’s fine, we are used to it by now. But then we go in yet again doing the same dungeon, but this time they hit harder and we have a timer to beat?

I hate timers, they suck the joy out of it. Even though in the lower mythic + we did, we reached the timer, it’s just like this very annoying little nag that nags in your ear to hurry up. I don’t like to play like that.

The expansion is one of the better once in so many ways. I like that we are out and about in the world doing the world quests, that we have quests for our professions. The voice acting and cut-scenes are a very nice addition which I liked very much, I really like the relic weapon and improving on that.


But as I mentioned earlier, I can’t seem to make some goals for myself that I feel is worthwhile an fun. Everything just goes on auto as you do your world quests. I mean, you don’t farm rep in the old sense anymore, you get that through the WQ’s. You don’t really farm for things like you used to, you got your WQ boxes for that (red fox mount for example, you need to get an invitation after doing emissary quest, WQ box). Farm for legendary’s? Well, that’s just your RNG, that can drop from dungeons and raids, or you WQ boxes, so might as well just leave that for your weekly reset of raids, dungeons and boxes.

While perhaps you never enjoyed the farming of valor, I think that might be one thing I kind of miss, it gave you a goal and you had to farm to get a reward you wanted, you had a journey you felt had purpose.

We even did do the quest line for the fishing pole, it was a nice little edition, but it was done fairly quickly.


So what goal is there to do? Well gearing up, and that I did, 3 times, I ended up raiding and didn’t actually enjoy it. It felt like a rince and repeat. So if you feel you are done with raiding, how can you set yourself any long term goals?

So for those six weeks I tried other games, different mmo’s, multiplayer games with Sam. And we had fun with that.

Then we decided, okay, let’s give WoW another chance again. Karazhan is out as well. So there is something new.

We leveled new characters, just to have see if that would make things more interesting.  We leveled hunter and paladin together, and it went quick. In one day we got 9 levels, from 108-109 I think we used 45 minutes on one level in High Mountain. Now that’s fast. But that was fine, we had goals, level up and gear up, so we can try this raiding scene again with other characters.

So in a matter of 3-4 days we had leveled up, gotten the 3rd relic slot, geared our-self,  and doing mythics. And we had sort of enjoyed the journey, cause we had goals to reach. But then, we had opened up the important stuff, and it hit us again. What do we do? Daily WQ emissary stuff. Weekly dungeons, perhaps raids. We just saw everything that we could do, and it felt that it wasn’t enough. We lasted less then a week.

For me now, the game just seems too RNG and kind of hollow, rng on everything, even the combat system is rng, sitting and waiting on procs that might come, or not. There might look like there is a lot to do, but in my mind, I don’t feel there is much.

So I have taken another break. I will jump into FFXIV ARR with Sam, and enjoy the amazing story Heavensward has to offering (yes that story is so immersible and epic)


Legion = Fun

Legion has been out for a little while now and I have been quite busy. I leveled up my monk during two days, the leveling went pretty fast and smoothly. I didn’t level alone though, I had Sam with me. As I started two days later then everyone else, Sam already had his character at 110, and decided to level his monk with me. I leveled as Mistweaver and he as Windwalker.

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Sparks fired.

It’s Sunday and I haven’t written all my three posts this week for Blaugust, I have been slacking. Blaugust have certainly sparked some more interest in blogging again, so that is good news. I feel it’s taking some time getting back into the groove again, but I am trying and I am keeping up with my goal so far!

I’ve logged in WoW for brief moments to level the Demon Hunter up to 100, I did the Broken Shore Scenario as well on my Shaman, and really enjoyed the story and cut-scenes. I did get some goosebumps on the last scene and I got kind of emo haha.

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Elysian Gaming

The guild has started to take shape, people are starting to log back on, former members returning and new once incoming! We ended up staying on the same server and we decided to name it Elysian:

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Plan B, no wait, plan C!!

I mentioned a few days ago that my guild Singularity fell apart. There wasn’t many left, and after what happened, the management sort of just lost faith in the whole project. That faith had been slowly decreasing over time as well because there had been so many small issues that in the end did not matter, but got blown way out of proportions, so we thought it would be best to let it all just rest.

But… After rerolling, getting some time away, and being poked by former members, 3 of us decided to get together and brainstorm a bit. And with that, we have come to the conclusion that we are not ready to give up. The old Singularity is now gone, and we don’t really want to revive that name, but perhaps we will just relaunch the old guild with a new name, and get some of the old crew back that took no part in the downfall of the guild. We had a lot of good times with many of the members in Singularity, and a lot of the people share the same view on how a guild should be, with me and Sam.

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