Another Job done!

Hey you!

I can’t believe it’s April already! Did you fall for any funny jokes yesterday? Well I didn’t, no one even tried!!

So yeah, April – mmm nice, spring is here, almost. We have had a few nice days of good weather, the sun is finally saying hello. But you know, the snow haven’t said goodbye yet. Last week we had +20 to 30 degrees Celsius on the porch for two days, and guess what!!? Two day’s later we had a blizzard and the grass was covered in snow again. But today the sun came and ate the snow, which makes me very happy.

I can feel the mood getting a lot better, feeling some warm wind on my face, the smell of spring and blue skies. Best remedy ever and I am really looking forward to summer.

The Bard

For the past two days I have been working on my bard, trying to get it to level 60, with the help of Falcor. Man, I adore that Chocobo, it’s messed up!

I’ve been playing alone, since Sam’s back is being idiotic again. He is stuck in bed, high as a kite on a cocktail of medicine,

while I’ve been having fun in-game.

I’ve run some fate’s, dungeons and a lot of palace of the dead – a good mix really, just to get my last levels. And happy to say that I already had my PoTD weapon ready for level 60!

Sooo, yes tonight I dinged, whaaat?! I’m very happy because I’ve been wanting to level this one for a while, and really want it to be one of the main jobs in Stormblood. Straight of the bat I had gear ready, well at least some – 243 iLVL.

Bard 60 ffxiv

I did the weekly run of Dun Scaith and got some gloves, and bought new earrings and blammo – iLVL 251. That’s almost the same as my other level 60 jobs. To be honest, we don’t really do that much content at level 60 that brings in the high end loots because there is so much stuff to do in the game! We have done some Diadem and the weekly Dun Scaith, perhaps a dungeon here and there, but not focused on it. So I am actually happy I have that high iLVL just by having tons of fun, doing things randomly.

bard 60 dun scaith

New Achievement

Oh yeah, as I dinged 60 I also got my 500th commendation, wooot! That means I got a new mount. One of those magitek mounts we all have, but it’s golden. Can’t say that I was to fond of the black one, but I think the golden one actually looks kinda neat, in a so ugly that it’s cool, kinda way.

Golden Magitek Mount, 500 commendations


The new Glamour

And then came the glam glam, well, okay.. It came straight after I dinged.  In preparation to get to 60 I have been collecting seals to buy stuff in the foundation. Cause I had my eye on one of the sets there, sadly I didn’t get enough, but most of what was needed. What was it called? Antiquaded Aoidos Set me thinks.

For the next goal I will help Sam level his Scholar, I am not sure what I will level with him. I might just finish up some of those higher level jobs I have. Think I got 3 in the 50 area which will be nice to tick of the “to do list”.

Hope all is well with you lot. I’m saying night night now. Toodles!!!


To endings and beginnings.


Been quiet for a while again. So typical me ain’t it!? Well, I hit a tiny bloggers wall ya’know, thinking “whiine what’s the poooint?!”

Bleh just shut up, thoughts!! SHOO!

Had a hard couple of weeks, but cannot be arsed getting into it right now.

I’ve not played wow for a few months now I think?! Been a bit weird when times have been tough, as I usually just sink into WoW when things are at it’s worst. But I am not looking at returning , might finally be out of my system since I didn’t go running to it when I have been so depressed. So loving final fantasy now, and really feel it’s home.

What’s been going on in FFXIV you don’t ask ? 😉

Well some awkward things innit!?

Sam’s friend joined us, the little lalafell there! And a coworker of the lala, the angry miqo’te there. Together with them and my bro, we have ranked up our FC to 8! Me and Sam decided to demolish our own house, and rebuy it for the Free Company. So now we are basically broke. But ey, more fun to decorate!

Stage for the lalafell, but hogged by the miqo’te (older pic, we have racechanged again):

And downstairs which I decorated:


We have finally started to progress on anima weapon, it’s still low level but it has turned into a pink weapon. I think it’s at 230 Ilvl now, and we are at that part where we need to trade in materials and lore for some sand stuff. We are taking that part real slow, and improving as we go. But it feels nice doing this bit of content, it feels rewarding each time you improve upon that weapon.



We have been running around in the Diadem as well! After they remade it or whatever, I have no idea how it was before, but I like the current version. For the mount we needed 99 of those tokens that you get from the lockboxes, and it wasn’t really that hard to get 99. Only a few runs to be honest, and in the end we both got the mount! It’s actually the first mount we have gotten by farming except the one from PotD. Of course we have other mounts from quests and reward for subscribing. This was the first we actively went out to farm and get.

And I really love it, it’s gorgeous. I love how it flies and how it glides. You can see the muschles work when it runs around, details they add to things in the game is amazing, to me anyways coming from WoW.

It actually tucks it’s feet under his body when it glides ♥


The End is here!

Today the last mainstory quest of heavensward came out! I was eager to get home today and play through the last quests. Kinda sad that it’s “ended” though hehe. It’s been such a good expansion, when thinking about the story. But yes, it was a good ending and curious as to whats to come 😉 It gave us all rewards!! We all like that ?! Super cute set ♥

Scion Adventerur's Set FFXIV ARR
Scion Adventerures Set

As Sam was so nice and bought me a present the other day, the Valentione’s Set (and a few other bits), I mixed and matched a bit. Rawr 😛

Quite happy with that!

We have slowly been leveling things, my next goal is getting the bard 60, it’s now 53!

Here’s a little list of the progress:

In other “news”.

I’ve payed for this blog for a year, hosting and for the domain. There is only a few months left now and I am debating with myself if it’s really worth paying for another year.

For one, I don’t blog that much anymore. It’s not that my interest is gone , it’s just that a lot of the time I am not seeing the point of it. I’m a screenshot addict, I’m posting a lot on Instagram and having fun with that. I do however feel Instagram is based on – follow for follow, it’s insane. So I am not sure Instagram can replace a blog.

I mostly blog for me and do I really need to pay for that ? What I could do is find a cheaper version if there is such a thing, or maybe use free wordpress and just buy a cool theme so I am happy. I dunno, I definitely don’t want to just delete it because sometimes I do have the urge to write something. Time will tell.. All I know is I do want the option to have a cool theme, that’s the important thing, and that it’s not super slow. This one is a bit slow, think that is because I chose such a heavy theme though, so I guess I have my self to blame there.

I’m feeling kind of tired now, so going to call it there. poff


Miqo'te, Costa Del Sol, sea, beach, bunny

The Makeover – Miqo’te Glamour


So I’ve made a few changes to the blog, only minor though. It now has a static front page, with “about” info. I was a bit bored at work and had nothing to do, so I tried to keep myself busy.

Therapy!? -.-

First a little real life stuff. Tomorrow I meet with new therapists at a new place. I can’t say I am really looking forward to it. I really thought I was done with that now, but it seems I can’t get away from it just yet. It’s just a meeting, to meet the new people and for they to evaluate me, I believe anyways. Don’t have a clue what they do there, what it is about, if it’s group therapy or one on one.

Since I am dredding it so much, my brother is being kind enough to drive me back and forth. I don’t know why but that really helps me feel more at ease. So fingers crossed it will all go well, which obviously it will.

Final Fantasy XIV

Yeah, not much has happened in the game these last few days. We have been so busy trying to do our wondrous tail’s book that we haven’t had much time for anything else. I just feel there is so much to do in this game that we never see the end of things, which is a VERY good thing. Probably don’t feel like that for veterans but for us it’s just one new thing after another.

The Makeover – Glamour

I have been having a lot of fun trying out different glamours, trying to find a new favorite, and I think I have. Yes yes yes, I got the bunny ears. It’s silly, but oh so cute, cmoooon.

I tried this one out first :

Was pretty happy with it, but something wasn’t quite right.

So I ended up with this, and I’m pretty happy now. I even did some PvP just to get that dress.

That’s about all I wanted to say today, dredding tomorrow a bit so just wanted a bit of distraction with writing a tiny post.

Cya later.


Bro comes to town!

So this might be a bit weird, I don’t know, but earlier today I saw someone having their own Instagram account for their gaming &/or their’e avatar! I actually liked the idea, so I made one of my own 😀

Just click image, or I have a link on the side where social icons are. If you want it that is. I don’t mind if you think it’s corny and don’t wanna follow. I just wanted one on my ooown <3

Bro texted me today as well, seems he is coming back to FFXIV and he wanted to know where I was at, so that was neat, he transferred straight away and is in my FC, wuuu 😉 At least I will have a crafter near by, because he luuuvs his crafts!

So, Sam figured out this nifty thing I didn’t know of, when you are in a cutscene. I’ve always been pressing the mouse-button to continue reading and getting new text, but apparently there is a feature that makes that bit just go automatically. All you need to do is click the space button, assuming you are on the pc, and then you get a little menu up. Just click tab to speed up the dialog, or shift+tab to slow it down. Voila, now you can sit back and just watch it like a movie. Small things ey 😉 Only works for cutscenes though, not normal dialog with vendors etc.

Yeah so that’s that.

Been trying a new outfit today as well, maybe not brand new hah. But new hat, and colors. Not sure what to make of it yet. Hat’s cool though!


Skylar Irusan, The Miqo’te

Don’t have much to say today, just wanted to share some screenshots of what I’ve been doing in game lately ♥

Female Miqo'te, Arcanist, Scholar, ffxiv arr
Arcanist soon to be Scholar, learning the ropes.
Female Miqo'te , Astrologian, FFXIV ARR, Heavensward
Just finished the Alexander story, it was pretty good ♥ Loved the raid even though I only did the easiest level using the dungeon tool.
Miqo'te, Astrologian, ffxiv arr
Tried the new raid – Dun Scaith, was good fun. We ended it with a screenie.
Dun Scaith


Miqo'te ffxiv arr, dote
Sam used one of his billion Fantasia Potions and went back to his roots, making Skylar very happy. /dote’s all around.
Leave the boots on!

Machinist, separate look for her!

Dat House!

So couple of months ago we got a house on Odin, and we decorated and had a lot of fun with it. But in the end  we decided to sell and we planned to move servers. Straight after we actually stopped playing due to Sam’s surgery.

Now we have just poked our heads into the game, doing that valentines thing and such,  just doing our daily dungeons for the XP. Not really playing seriously due to Sam not being able to play for long periods of time.

Anyways, we got lucky as hell after we did a dungeon and Sam just looked at the residential area where he was (Uldah), and there it was, a house available! Small plot, 3.900000 gil. How lucky was we, even at 9 oclock servertime when it’s usually very busy.

So yes, happy kittens. ( Sam’s not a kitten anymore though, he changed, again )

With that decoration is in ordeer! Luckily we had some stuff left over from our old house so first floor was done pretty, which is Sam’s area. I got the downstairs, woop!

This is Sam’s little area \o/

And this is my area.

I want a lot more things down here, just small items to put around to make it look like someone actually lives there, but it seems we have filled the quota of items already sob

While I was busy doing my own space, Sam was sneaky and started outside, basically doing the whole thing!! It looks nice though, but I didn’t get a chance do do anything else but buy a house for Falcor and Chocoboo!!!

Anyways, that’s what we have been able to do with our money and plot! Hope you liked it :), we sure do!!

Be my Valentine – #ffxiv

So it’s February and that’s the month of luuuuuv.. isn’t it? Well valentines is around the corner anyways. It’s not a big deal where I live though. Norwegians haven’t really embraced that holiday properly yet, atleast not my generation.

Reason I mention this is because I quickly logged into ffxiv and there I  heard some cute music and saw red hearts in the towns and yep, valentines event.

With that I ended up dragging Sam along doing the event, not that he was totally unwilling, he was curious too!

Miqo'te, female, valentine

It’s a really small event, but alot of the ffxiv events are small. But that for me is totally fine, because I feel they have events quite often to make up for it. Just small additions they bring in to the game.

So what do ya get?

There is a vendor that sells a pet (see pet on picture over this text), a housing item, a music scroll and some sparkles.

Miqo'te, hearts, valentine's day

And then there was a couple of really easy quests, with an emote and achievement as reward.

I did have to giggle when I did them, I ended up standing there while this nice npc was teaching me how to blow kisses. And the little conversation he had with his wife when the quests where done was kinda quirky, and open for interpretation 😉 Not gonna spill the beans here. But I do enjoy those small quirky things they do, they do them well!

Blowing kisses till our faces turn blue or shall I say pink. The hearts you send actually ends up at your target and pops like a little bubble <3.

Oh and as you can see I have frames on some photos! I hadn’t logged on since the new patch arrived so I never did get to test out all the new features in /gpose!!! Omg I love it!! They added more filters, colors, many new options with the lighting, you can twist and turn the camera. It’s perfect for a person like me who is basically stuck in gpose, taking pictures while your friend looks at you annoyingly and say, ffs you posing again?!?! Hehe sorry Sam! No, no I am not cause i enjoy screenies!!

And I make you look good!


So yes, big thumbs up for more screenshot features. Even though photoshop etc will always win in making awesome shots. I don’t have that so, bleeeeh, in-game things to dabble with is always a good thing <3

And today we will try and check out what else is new in the world of fantasy.