It’s the letter B!

Hello to you! Hope you are having a nice weekend!? I’ve had a few days filled with a lot of anxiety, not quite sure why but it’s starting to ease up a bit now, wooho.

Anyways, it’s time for the letter B in my A-Z posts. I won’t write as a long a post today as I did last, don’t think I could do that every time.

So what will B stand for? I thought maybe beginnings… Well, it’s more of a continuation, but let’s just say beginnings!!! Or Bought!

I was feeling very down and thought damn I need another hobby to keep my busy, keep my thoughts in check. So I asked Sam, and he had tons of suggestions. One thing he suggested multiple times was drawing. I turned his suggestions down time after time cause I was in such a negative spot. But after the thoughts had gotten some time to simmer I decided, okay, let’s draw. Let’s really dig into something.

So I decided that I was gonna go back and try this drawing thing again, cause I do enjoy it. So I went online bought a few books I was looking at last time I tried drawing and I bought 3 books.  A pocketbook series from a youtuber/artist – Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley.

I have watched a lot of his videos and I really like them, so I thought I would probably like his books. I figured, it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks so why not get myself a birthday gift.

Also bought 2 different sketchbooks. One with thinner paper for sketching, and a book with really thick thick paper for when I have something I really I want to draw and color, really put my heart into.

I also bought a lot of pencils and other accessories, and some markers I have fallen in love with.

Markers feel sorta like water paint, they are expensive so I only bought 6 this time. But have my eye on another set of 12 that I will buy next month. For now these skin colored once, will have to do.

So my plan is just to doodle now and then when I feel like it. Not take it to seriously and try to have fun.

So the doodle of the day is the featured image at the top of the post. I have a background on my phone and decided to draw something very similar to it, so no it’s not 100% my creation, but I drew it! And I drew it big, cause usually I draw very small things, but this is an A3 paper. And to be honest, drawing big is a hell of a lot more fun!! Hope it brings a smile on your face, cause it have done so for me.



Good Night!

Late night blog, as I can’t sleep, I can at least write 😀

Today, I have felt a bit better thankfully. Not been up to much, I don’t think I got out of bed until after 12 but ey, I got up and took a shower 😛 That’s something right ^^

Couldn’t be arsed making dinner yet again, so we ordered pizza and I had a calzone, which tasted like butt!

Excuse the picture, I’m in bed ok, trying to show you how the calzone tasted 😛

I could have made a 10 times better one then that nasty crap, yuck, I tried eating some of it though, forcing the food into my mouth… BAH I hope I soon can enjoy the food again. I don’t get why it’s so hard to eat food….!!!!

Spent most of my day on the sofa I think, watching some Yogscast stuff, a live stream with ScottishGeeks and DangerGerbil 😀 Some nice lad’s I have gotten to know with my Youtube adventures.

Then I spent a lot of my evening in WoW, doing some random stuffs. Not that exciting I know. But the people there keep me company <3 Which is really nice and comforting. Even if they sit on my face…looks at Mr. Onion


The guild has had a raiding break during Christmas, but tomorrow we will raid again, and I am really looking forward to it. I hope we kill Archimonde tomorrow, would be so sweeeeet, and I know a lot of people are itching to get that boss doooown!!

Other then that I spent the night exploring The Burning Crusade, yet again, for achievements, on my storebought mount 😛 Yes, I bought it, so what.


Yesterday I found myself very bored, and grabbed my tablet and decided to dabble a bit. I’m not very happy with it, my hands are very shaky these days, probably cause I am tired. But it kept me entertained for a while.


Doubt I’ll color it in, maybe I’ll try to fix it instead, we will see. Either that, or she will just sit there in a green ish color and smile. Oh ye this is Iceflake, my mage which I usually play.


Guess that’s it for today.

Thank you 😀


Nearing the end

Blaugust day 28

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Anook | Blaugust

Blaugust is nearing an end, some have made it this far, some have fallen off, some are struggeling and for some, writing each day is normal.

For me this time around has been fine, I’ve had fun. I’ve been looking forward to blogging most days, I’ve fallen in love with my blog again since blaugust came around. I have met some awesome new people, which I read daily.

It doesn’t always mean I have things to write about, but I am now determend to see this thing through. My goal was 15 posts, I have gone past this mark ages ago, and there is only 3 days left. Not giving up this close to the end.

Some are scared of writing bad quality, some have higher standards then me and that is okay, we all blog in our own way, and have blogs for different reasons.  My blog has been compared to a twitter feed, and that is okay.

There is the difference for me this year and last year, even though my writing wasn’t fantastic last year either, I was scared of putting out posts that were shit. This year? Pff, I’m the owner of the blog, I can do what I want, write what I want. If you don’t like it, or are not entertained, then there are thousands of other blogs out there that can give you what you need.

I know why I blog, and it’s not for the reader, it’s for my own benefit, a pass time, a hobby, therapy, something I own, something that’s mine.

I enjoy writing my thoughts, I enjoy playing around with the blog – theme – headers etc.

There was a point when I wanted to become a better writer, a more professional writer, I looked into it, how I could write more article like posts. But I realised all the work it would involve, staying update all the time, paying attention to tons of social medias and sites. And I quickly found out, that isn’t why I started to blog in the first place, I don’t want my blog to become a job.

So here I am with my twitter feed of a blog 😛

If you are struggeling to finish off the blaugust, remember why you started to blog, there is only a few days left, I am sure you have some sentences inside your head you can type out on the screen. If not, smash your head on the keyboard and press post !

A new sketch for you, don’t look at the hands, they are horrible..

aurin sketch

I said, don’t look at them!!!

Anyways, that was me, not knowing what to write, I ended up with some sentences in the end, that seem very familiar, I think I wrote this post before? Does it still count? Yes, yes it does! Now go, have a nice weekend!

Laptop, it’s aliiiiive!

Blaugust day 25

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Hell yeah, laptop is up and running again. I ordered my hard drive on Saturday, yesterday it arrived, awesome stuff. I even put it in the laptop myself! I’m that awesome 😛

I have gotten most things installed that I needed, drivers for this and that. Installed my Manga Studio, Wildstar is ready to be launched, and obviously I am online! Since I got my laptop up and running, and I had tons of things to download yesterday, I decided to get some sketching done. This time, since I am playing a lot of Wildstar, I wanted to give an Aurin a try. It is my first aurin drawing, and it’s not done. This is just a test run, I want to make it better before I start coloring it.

test auring sketch

On another note, I am not going to install Win 10 anytime soon. As my hard drive got pushed over the top and had a melt down after installing it, my BF’s harddrive was suddenly getting an error, and he had to reinstall everything, safe to say, I will be sticking win Win 8 for the time being.

I still have not gotten WoW downloaded, probably getting that done tonight, let it download while I sleep.


Today I had the first therapy meeting since before summer, I was a bit nervous before I went, but quickly calmed down when I got there. Seems my group sessions are not starting untill the end of Semptember so it’s going to be a bit of a wait. But that is fine, as long as I have a spot there.

After the meeting today, we went down to the city and bought shoes for BF, yes he got two pairs, I had to convince him to get two pairs because he ruins his shoes way to fast. Hopefully they will last a bit longer now.

After the shopping we went to a place called Volume for some food. I had BBQ chicken with fries, salad and some sort of garlic thingy on the side. It was really nice.


And after that, we went to the book store for a cup of coffee, I had a cappuchino, yummo. It was really nice, we had a good time. Nice to do something else then sit at home, being locked inside these 4 walls.


Oh yeah, we also bought some coffee beans as we have a grinder and a french press/ cafetière, and I am excited to try some new coffee. I love grinding up that coffee in the morning, and it smell so damn nice!

Okay, I want to play some games now, so cya!

Oh and yeah, my aurin changed her hair color! BLUE!! RRRAWR…


Things I hope will change, WoW | Day 6

So Gamescom is today, that is going to be interesting. I am writing this beforehand though so I have no info to share about the matter. I am just very curious as to what they will announce, I never follow these things and this is the first time I am actually very curious. It must be because I have never been so disappointed in an expansion before, I can’t see any other reason as to why I would wonder so much.

I wonder if they plan to release an expansion earlier then usual, seeing as they are announcing things earlier, the subscribers are down to a new low, 5.6 million WITH tokens. It hasn’t been this low since Vanilla, and then it was climbing upwards, now subs dropping like flies.  We can only hope they have been working like mad men with their new team, to make something truly epic, and that WoD was some sort of a test run for something.

If they add another difficulty to raids and dungeons I am going to hurl. But I doubt they will, but if they do…. seriously…

Maybe they will bring back scenarios, tier sets in LFR, fix the professions, guild garrisons, not that I have a guild, but I have seen a lot of people wanting a guild garrison.

Things I hope will change / return.

I kind of miss the justice/valor points, it was a grind but it made dungeons more useful. There is no need at the moment to do dungeons, not for me anyways. I love dungeons, and if there could be some reward to do them after you have gotten the items in there, that would be super.

Dungeons, while I did enjoy a lot of the dungeons they added this expansion, there was not enough of them. More dungeons, not more difficulties.

I hope they do something about the classes, I feel most classes are the same now a days, I don’t feel much uniqueness in them. Most healers feel exactly the same, tanks the same. Only class+role that sort of feels unique at the moment for me is the monk tank. But everyone has stuns, spellsteal, selfheal, everyone can ress assuming you are in a guild etc etc.. I am not saying we should go back to Vanilla when you needed a paladin on alliance to make things easier because of the auras and what not, but somewhere in the middle, where classes feel at least somewhat special. Bring back class quests, unique items to the classes, like weapons, armor, mounts.

If they continue with the garrison they need to fix it, right now I feel it is a very isolating feature. As if there isn’t enough instances in the game, you are now stuck in your own little instance never seeing other adventures. I do like housing features, they are really cool, but I wont call the garrison a housing features. There is barely any customization to be done, you can’t have a random stranger come visit, looking at your place and you can’t visit them to see what they have done. All there is, is minigames, where you send your followers on awesome adventures, while you sit at your post in your garrison waiting for them to come back. It is we who should be out adventuring right?


Professions, I have mentioned them before, and there is not much to say. They are horrible, there is no need to level it. You are gated behind 2 really irritating cooldowns to make yourself currency to buy recipes and to make the material. Hate it, it needs to be improved or just bring back the old system. It’s just an incredibly annoying gated hell right now, just to drag it all out – keep people in game so we have to wait for daily just to make the material and then wait more.

Dailies, while I am not to fond of them, they give me something to do. There was not enough of them this time around, and those that were here was not fun at all. They were just about mob grind, yes dailies are usually that, but this time it was just the same mobs over and over and over again till you had filled your bar, and then that was it. To many of those. Molten Front for example was a good daily hub, I liked that, it was more engaging, you progressed as you did quests as well.

One thing I missed this expansion is a capital city. Whatever sort of village we got now, was disappointing, probably most due to garrison though. Making us go back to garrison to do shipyards and missions. But still, I miss standing in a city full of people doing their shopping, having a chat, showing of their gear and mounts, it just made the world feel more alive for me. I hope they bring back something like Dalaran, a shared capital so you can see both factions. I am not sure, but I guess they didn’t bother with that anymore because of the amount of people that ended up there and it would be laggy? Especially now with the cross server thing?

Obviously more stuff for the non raiders. There isn’t enough outside the world to do when it comes to those who don’t raid. More group quests, more things to hunt, look at the rares, they are not rares and they only drop loot once. Bring back the old rares, make then RARE, and make them drop different kinds of items. More events, maybe something more like GW 2 have where you kill mobs, and the event continues till it spawns a boss or something, or  fates from FFXIV, with some rewards for doing them.

Anyways, those are a few things I want fixed or to get back.  As I said, I will wait with getting the new expansion till after it has been out for a while no matter how cool it might look.

What are things you would like changed or added?

Kangaroo Drawing

Before I stop, I am going to show off the latest drawing. A friend, the austrian kangaroo did a shoutout today on youtube, mentioning me. And as a thank you, I made him a little drawing. As he loves kangaroos, that is what I tried to draw. If it looks like one or not, that is for you to judge. It also has a little goatie because, that’s what the man wanted!

Tiny Kangaroo with goatie

Blaugust, 31 days of blogging:

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Jurassic Blog | Day 5

Been busy drawing baby t-rex’s today!
Tyrannodorkus stopped by and commented on one of my posts and I ended up saying I could draw something for him, a little avatar or something. So I have been trying out different types of drawings to see if I could find something Tyrann would like.

I ended up with 3 different once.

Number One, Sir Derp’s A Lot!

derp dino!

Number two, TigerDino.

dino with stripes

And Little Spotty, which is the same drawing obviously, because Tyrann mentioned he wanted spots.

tiny dino spotsAnd last, we have.. I haven’t given it a name. Just a bit more fierce one, but still cartoony and cute.

ex full dino

It’s been a pretty good learning experience, the arms, legs and feet were very tricky, so I didn’t even make any feet on the last picture you see because that was the first one I drew and had no idea how to do them. But I ended up learning how to draw them, somewhat anyways 😛 You should have seen my first go, it was bad, really bad. So while they are not perfect yet, they are 100 times better then when I started today. It’s really nice to see improvements, especially to be able to see it in one day!

This was my first time drawing dinosaurs, except my dragon heads which are sort of similar and it was really fun.

I don’t want Tyrann to feel forced to use them though, I am a big amateur, but I hope he likes them obviously! I can’t wait to see what I draw in a year! 😀 I have been drawing almost every day, I hope I can do more of these things, when I become better and maybe draw for someone else too! Would be so much fun to give away drawings that people actually like.

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