Sparks fired.

It’s Sunday and I haven’t written all my three posts this week for Blaugust, I have been slacking. Blaugust have certainly sparked some more interest in blogging again, so that is good news. I feel it’s taking some time getting back into the groove again, but I am trying and I am keeping up with my goal so far!

I’ve logged in WoW for brief moments to level the Demon Hunter up to 100, I did the Broken Shore Scenario as well on my Shaman, and really enjoyed the story and cut-scenes. I did get some goosebumps on the last scene and I got kind of emo haha.

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Co-op games, Resident Evil 6

Me and Sam have been trying to fit in some other gaming lately other then WoW, as there really hasn’t been much going on ingame.

We looked for some Co-op games and started our gaming trip with Resident Evil 6, zombie killing!

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