Sparks fired.

It’s Sunday and I haven’t written all my three posts this week for Blaugust, I have been slacking. Blaugust have certainly sparked some more interest in blogging again, so that is good news. I feel it’s taking some time getting back into the groove again, but I am trying and I am keeping up with my goal so far!

I’ve logged in WoW for brief moments to level the Demon Hunter up to 100, I did the Broken Shore Scenario as well on my Shaman, and really enjoyed the story and cut-scenes. I did get some goosebumps on the last scene and I got kind of emo haha.

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Co-op games, Resident Evil 6

Me and Sam have been trying to fit in some other gaming lately other then WoW, as there really hasn’t been much going on ingame.

We looked for some Co-op games and started our gaming trip with Resident Evil 6, zombie killing!

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Elysian Gaming

The guild has started to take shape, people are starting to log back on, former members returning and new once incoming! We ended up staying on the same server and we decided to name it Elysian:

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Plan B, no wait, plan C!!

I mentioned a few days ago that my guild Singularity fell apart. There wasn’t many left, and after what happened, the management sort of just lost faith in the whole project. That faith had been slowly decreasing over time as well because there had been so many small issues that in the end did not matter, but got blown way out of proportions, so we thought it would be best to let it all just rest.

But… After rerolling, getting some time away, and being poked by former members, 3 of us decided to get together and brainstorm a bit. And with that, we have come to the conclusion that we are not ready to give up. The old Singularity is now gone, and we don’t really want to revive that name, but perhaps we will just relaunch the old guild with a new name, and get some of the old crew back that took no part in the downfall of the guild. We had a lot of good times with many of the members in Singularity, and a lot of the people share the same view on how a guild should be, with me and Sam.

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The levels are pouring in

The re-roll of characters is going well, we have been going the dungeon route, and we haven’t even touched a quest since we dinged level 15. Since Sam wanted to buy himself some gold by getting a token to sell on the action house, we have cheated a bit to get some extra experience by getting Elixir of the Rapid Mind.

We raced through TBC in a very short time after we used the elixir, I think we got around 2-3 levels during one dungeon, by doing the quests and getting the bonus at the end of the dungeon. The Elixirs was quite expensive but ey, they were put to good use. I think they are around 9-10k on the Draenor server Auction house.

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Plan B

It’s only been a few days since I wrote about my Monk, saying I was tempted going damage dealer for Legion. Well something happened, Singularity – My guild, got torn apart. Yes, shit hit the fan and while I don’t want to go into details, a word comes to mind, Mutiny.

On Monday, me and Sam (guild leader and my partner in crime) decided that if we were going to get back into the game and have fun, we would need a fresh start. So yesterday our Horde adventure began.

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We meet again, Blaugust!

Blaugust, I totally forgot about it this year. I think I have participated in two Blaugust events so far as I have only been blogging for 2 years and managed to successfully blog everyday the whole month, which was the gist of the event on previous occasions. Just try to blog each day and survive the entire month.

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