It’s the letter B!

Hello to you! Hope you are having a nice weekend!? I’ve had a few days filled with a lot of anxiety, not quite sure why but it’s starting to ease up a bit now, wooho.

Anyways, it’s time for the letter B in my A-Z posts. I won’t write as a long a post today as I did last, don’t think I could do that every time.

So what will B stand for? I thought maybe beginnings… Well, it’s more of a continuation, but let’s just say beginnings!!! Or Bought!

I was feeling very down and thought damn I need another hobby to keep my busy, keep my thoughts in check. So I asked Sam, and he had tons of suggestions. One thing he suggested multiple times was drawing. I turned his suggestions down time after time cause I was in such a negative spot. But after the thoughts had gotten some time to simmer I decided, okay, let’s draw. Let’s really dig into something.

So I decided that I was gonna go back and try this drawing thing again, cause I do enjoy it. So I went online bought a few books I was looking at last time I tried drawing and I bought 3 books.  A pocketbook series from a youtuber/artist – Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley.

I have watched a lot of his videos and I really like them, so I thought I would probably like his books. I figured, it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks so why not get myself a birthday gift.

Also bought 2 different sketchbooks. One with thinner paper for sketching, and a book with really thick thick paper for when I have something I really I want to draw and color, really put my heart into.

I also bought a lot of pencils and other accessories, and some markers I have fallen in love with.

Markers feel sorta like water paint, they are expensive so I only bought 6 this time. But have my eye on another set of 12 that I will buy next month. For now these skin colored once, will have to do.

So my plan is just to doodle now and then when I feel like it. Not take it to seriously and try to have fun.

So the doodle of the day is the featured image at the top of the post. I have a background on my phone and decided to draw something very similar to it, so no it’s not 100% my creation, but I drew it! And I drew it big, cause usually I draw very small things, but this is an A3 paper. And to be honest, drawing big is a hell of a lot more fun!! Hope it brings a smile on your face, cause it have done so for me.



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