Another Job done!

Hey you!

I can’t believe it’s April already! Did you fall for any funny jokes yesterday? Well I didn’t, no one even tried!!

So yeah, April – mmm nice, spring is here, almost. We have had a few nice days of good weather, the sun is finally saying hello. But you know, the snow haven’t said goodbye yet. Last week we had +20 to 30 degrees Celsius on the porch for two days, and guess what!!? Two day’s later we had a blizzard and the grass was covered in snow again. But today the sun came and ate the snow, which makes me very happy.

I can feel the mood getting a lot better, feeling some warm wind on my face, the smell of spring and blue skies. Best remedy ever and I am really looking forward to summer.

The Bard

For the past two days I have been working on my bard, trying to get it to level 60, with the help of Falcor. Man, I adore that Chocobo, it’s messed up!

I’ve been playing alone, since Sam’s back is being idiotic again. He is stuck in bed, high as a kite on a cocktail of medicine,

while I’ve been having fun in-game.

I’ve run some fate’s, dungeons and a lot of palace of the dead – a good mix really, just to get my last levels. And happy to say that I already had my PoTD weapon ready for level 60!

Sooo, yes tonight I dinged, whaaat?! I’m very happy because I’ve been wanting to level this one for a while, and really want it to be one of the main jobs in Stormblood. Straight of the bat I had gear ready, well at least some – 243 iLVL.

Bard 60 ffxiv

I did the weekly run of Dun Scaith and got some gloves, and bought new earrings and blammo – iLVL 251. That’s almost the same as my other level 60 jobs. To be honest, we don’t really do that much content at level 60 that brings in the high end loots because there is so much stuff to do in the game! We have done some Diadem and the weekly Dun Scaith, perhaps a dungeon here and there, but not focused on it. So I am actually happy I have that high iLVL just by having tons of fun, doing things randomly.

bard 60 dun scaith

New Achievement

Oh yeah, as I dinged 60 I also got my 500th commendation, wooot! That means I got a new mount. One of those magitek mounts we all have, but it’s golden. Can’t say that I was to fond of the black one, but I think the golden one actually looks kinda neat, in a so ugly that it’s cool, kinda way.

Golden Magitek Mount, 500 commendations


The new Glamour

And then came the glam glam, well, okay.. It came straight after I dinged.  In preparation to get to 60 I have been collecting seals to buy stuff in the foundation. Cause I had my eye on one of the sets there, sadly I didn’t get enough, but most of what was needed. What was it called? Antiquaded Aoidos Set me thinks.

For the next goal I will help Sam level his Scholar, I am not sure what I will level with him. I might just finish up some of those higher level jobs I have. Think I got 3 in the 50 area which will be nice to tick of the “to do list”.

Hope all is well with you lot. I’m saying night night now. Toodles!!!


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